For my first month of working full time as an artist since leaving Sotheby’s, I have been working on a series of circular shaped canvases (tondos). Some people have asked me why I am using the circular shape. One of several reasons, is that despite these paintings being simple in appearance, I am using a conceptual structure that is paradoxical or that embodies circular seeming reasoning. The paintings are in relation to what cognitive scientist Douglas Hofstadter refers to as a Strange Loop, a recursive form that violates hierarchy, where as one perceives oneself as getting further and further from their starting point, he/she unexpectedly arrives at their starting point. Now, I would not go as far as to say that a circle is itself a strange loop by any means, because there is nothing unexpected or hierarchy defying about it, but it is a more appropriate shape than a rectangle in that it is more “loopy” and you can infinitely circle around the form. This circling is analogous to the circular sensation one has when thinking about paradox. A second reason for the use of the circle is that these paintings will be shown as a network of paintings with each one acting as a node. The circle is more node-like in form than a rectangle.

Here’s an example of one below. There will be 21 of them completed by the end of October 2015, and I currently have 13 in progress

wish bone art greenpoint brooklyn open studio