Strange Loop Tondos
Lucky break wishbone 2015
Oil on canvas 8"x8" This painting is inspired in part by the book "Godel, Escher, Bach," (G.E.B) where author Douglas Hofstadter discusses Diagram G. from Fig. 29. This section of the book describes a branching pattern that generates Fiboaccci numbers of nodes at each subsequent layer of hierarchy. Through this painting I am reifying an otherwise abstract mathematical construct. In more human terms I am working with a very fundamentally understood object that most people have a very strong preexisting understanding of its symbolic meaning. In other words, you can have a "lucky" break or an "unlucky" break, but what if the "unlucky" side were to always branch? On the lower level of hierarchy one would still have a fifty/fifty chance of getting the lucky side, but the object as a whole including both levels of hierarchy would seem quite lucky indeed. If the short side were to always, branch inevitably you will get a lucky break provided you kept breaking and didn't give up. This painting utilizes a very basic structure of Paradox on the highest level of hierarchy it shows an unlucky break that contains within it on a lower level of hierarchy both lucky and unlucky. With these two levels of hierarchy combined it is an extremely lucky break!